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Will There Be an Alita Battle Angel Sequel?

It's a no brainer.

To those that have seen this James Cameron/ Robert Rodriguez film, there is no doubt that it was created with a sequel in mind.

The film takes you on a 125 minute ride which ends just as you’re ready to embark on another two hour journey. But Aside from this, consider that:

  1. It didn’t do too shabbily at the Box Office (404.9 Million – Global).
  2. Fans are already begging for more. No, seriously. There’s even a petition that grows in number as you read this.
  3. It’s really good. Like, Really. And, it’s one of the best Anime-to-Film, movies to date.

So will there be another Anita Battle Angel Movie?

We believe it’s either the sequel or a revolt. A revolt perhaps more deadly than Rollerball. But rest assured that it won’t come to that. Keep in mind, Cameron owns the rights to this gem so even if this success isn’t a “studio (gazillion dollar) success” it’s not really in the hands of the studio to determine if another one gets made. Cameron can do as he often does: Fund it Himself.

So yeah, we are going with a Big Yes on that sequel. Can’t wait.

Battle Angel Alita Manga
Volume 1
Battle Angel Alita Manga
Volume 3
Battle Angel Alita Manga
Volume 3

Battle Angel Alita Manga Series

What does this have to do with the sequel?
Battle Angel Alita Original Cover
Battle Angel Alita – Original Cover

Battle Angle Alita is a Japanese cyberpunk manga 9 Volume Series.  created by Yukito Kishiro.  Ganmu (Gun Dream) is actually its original title.  The American translation is where it became Battle Angel Alita.

What does this mean?  Simple: 9 Volumes means that there’s plenty of story to tell and plenty of places to go. Cameron and Rodriguez have even alluded to this. Even more reason to be hopeful for the sequel.

Christopher Waltz has a way of turning up in movies with Big Eyes.

Alita Battle Angel - Big Eyes

it's all about the eyes

Alita Battle Angel Big Eyes Meme
Alita Battle Angel – Big Eyes Meme

Interestingly, some were disturbed by Alita’s large eyes. Some even accused Cameron of not understanding Uncanny Valley. Battle Angel Memes began showing up all over the web.

Of course, it was in fun but what does this have to do with a sequel? It seems that some don’t understand Anime. Anime is all about the eyes. But it goes beyond facial proportion. Anime requires a sensibility that perhaps some Westerners are late in developing.

It’s surprising that this was even an issue. Especially with all the cutting edge CGI and the very effective way it is used to bring Alita to life – Big Eyes and All. So much so that Alita exists in a live-action world and you don’t find yourself questioning this. It just feels real and right.

If there’s any film that can bridge the Anime gap, it is this one. We predict that for all those late to the party, this film is a Sleeper waiting to awaken.

Watch Alita Battle Angel

or watch it again

Many of us have already watched this film Again…and again…and again. Yes, it’s one of those movies.  But there are  a surprisingly large number who haven’t watched it at all.

In all earnestness, we don’t understand why this film didn’t have the same or better numbers as a certain other film. They were released in the same season. Alita is certainly much better. True, “better” is a subjective thing. But having said that; it’s still better. That’s all there is to it.

Mind you, Alita Battle Angel did well at the box office globally but why didn’t it do better? Our guess is that it wasn’t as heavily marketed as the other. For some, it might have fallen through the cracks. But it won’t be there for long. Those that catch it later will scratch their heads wondering how they missed it.

If you haven’t yet seen this soon to be Classic: Watch it Now . Rent and stream it for now. Ultimately, you will add it your collection. That’s how confident we are about this one.

Alita Battle Angel Toys

Where are all the Alita Battle Angel Collectibles?

One would think that with a world so rich and wonderful there would be a large array of very cool collectibles, but unfortunately, there aren’t many at all.

Weta Workshop (Yes, that Weta) offers three Mini Epics vinyl figures digitally sculpted by Mauro Santini. They are Alita, Zapan and Dr. Ido . Each of these is super stylized and super animated. Detail is nice; particularly on Zapan. At the current price points, they are worth snatching up.

Funko Pop also offers a few Battle Angel Figures . They are all Anita; there’s doll body, Motorball body and the Beserker Body. They also offer a Black and White Beserker Body.

Xuda is the only company, outside of Hot Toys that offers a more life figure. Their Alita  has moveable joints and would make a fine collectible.

The Piece de resistance is of course the Hot Toys Alita. It’s a true work of art. As with all of their pieces, the quality sets the bar. The figure is hyper realistic. It’s also beautifully detailed with great articulation.

Because they are so few, any of these would be a great addiction to any collection.

Alita Battle Angel Anime


If you know where to look, you can find the Battle Angel Alita 1993 OVA (Original Video Animation). The movie very closely follows this animation.

If you’re a collector, then you won’t mind the price: Check Here . But you should also check ebay if you are in the market.

We don’t support this kind of thing, but if you’d like to check it out before you pay the steep price, or if you’d like to view it for “research purposes” you can often find “Gunnm : Battle Angel Alita OVA 1993” on You Tube.

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