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It's all about Baby Yoda

and there's nothing we can do about it

Baby Yoda Patterns, costumes, Cookies, buttons and more

The Child is taking over!

He is not to be resisted. So if you’re here, it proves that you have a pulse. The web has lost it over the smallest but cutest element in the new Disney series The Mandalorian; BABY YODA.

Yep, Yoda is everywhere

Twitter has been abuzz with babies (newborn mind you) decked out as Baby Yoda. The culprit: The Yoda addicted Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburg. But who could fault them. The Force is strong with this kind of cuteness.

The knit and crochet artists are also bitten by the Baby Yoda bug. They are generous enough to share them FREE online:

The Links are here:    Crochet Hat Pattern    Baby Bottle Cozy       Knit Hat Pattern

Cooking with Yoda

EBaby Yoda Cookie Recipeven the Bakers are bitten by the Baby Yoda bug. The cookies are showing up everywhere. With the advent of 3D printers many have already taken to making cookie cutters: See them on Amazon 

Strong in me cuteness is

that is all

Yoda Art

Yoda as fine art & posters

Of course the artists are on board. Star Wars has not only been an inspiration to many artists but the reason that many developed an interest in art in the first place.

It’s no wonder that Original Baby Yoda art is showing up on the web. There are also many posters to be found. Oh, and Buttons; So so many buttons. See Posters on Amazon 

See buttons on Amazon 

Baby Yoda Buttons Mandalorian

Coo or Coo not, there is no Cry


Said by no one. But there just might be a few tears shed as we await the official YODA toys. They are a long way off. That is, except this plush baby that is a pretty cute substitute to keep the real baby tears at bay Check Availability on Amazon  .  Now, if only we can stop the adults from sobbing.Plush Yoda Toy

Actually, this may help : A free cutout from John Favreau:
Baby Yoda Free Cutout From Jon Favreau. It's Authorized
Get it here Free

Blindsided By Baby Yoda

Must not have seen this one coming

Okay, so it’s Holiday Season 2019 and the hottest thing on Pre Order is the Baby Yoda Toy.

Did Disney not see this Coming? Or did they underestimate the Power of Cuteness. Whatever, the reason, Baby Yoda toys are on preorder til well into 2020.

Perhaps it’s for the best. If one of these toys did happen to suddenly “show up” chaos would ensue.

For now, have a look at the pickings. Drool a bit. Perhaps preorder. But it will be some time before we get our hands on Baby Yoda.

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