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Avatar Na'vi Babies; are they too lifelike?

In light of the 10 year anniversary of Avatar and with all the talk about the sequel, we thought we’d revisit the Na’vi babies.

Many are familiar with the Reborn type dolls. We don’t cover them here because there are enough people that do this already. Also because they seriously creep us out.

If we want babies, we’ll have the real kind that can eat us out of house-and-home, and then grow up to ultimately earn their keep.

Along Comes Silicon avatar baby

What is it about a Silicon Avatar baby that allows us to bend the rules a bit? Could it perhaps be that, even though these dolls are hyper-realistic, they can only ever be real in a fantastical sci-fi way?

Could it be that we are all so hungry for the Avatar Sequel that we embrace any and all things Avatar?

Newborn Avatar Baby Doll

All these years later and the BabyClon Na’vi babies are still fascinating.
Our verdict is still out on them, but we give credit where it is due. These dolls are high level works of art.

Oh heck!, we just saw the Logo. We’re creeped out all over again.

Newborn Avatar Baby Doll

Just when there was a chance that we might come around, we discover this YouTuber at Avatar Land with Baby Na’vi in tow.

Our theory is that Reborn Type babies are like Cilantro; You either really love them, or you want to run off screaming.
We don’t knock what others may love.  We appreciate the workmanship in these dangly blue babies, but they’re just not our cup of bioluminescent nectar.

Comfort as you wait for Avatar 2 RElease Date

We get it. It’s been a decade and still no sequel. The one that’s promised keeps getting pushed back. Now we’re looking at 2021.  You need something to cuddle as the wait drags on.


You can find the Avatar silicone baby dolls for sale but...

even the sale is a pretty penny. You can always pick up something that doesn’t weigh 6 pounds: Baby Na’vi, Baby Banshee , and Baby Direhorse  are all soft, friendly, and cuddly.  With a creep factor of Zero.

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