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    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for PC and PlayStation 4 Review

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Review Check Price Here: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment is being called the “best in a decade”. You play as Cal Kestis, a former Padawan who makes a living as a scrapper salvaging spaceships for parts after the Great Jedi Purge. His life is plain and uneventful […] More

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    Death Stranding Review, Gameplay & Trailer [With updates 2020]

    Death Stranding Review: It’s a dystopian future. You’re a mailman of sorts. Your parcel is an in vitro fetus named Lou. There are Terminals, tears, and Mass Extinctions. There’s a lady in red on the beach, and there are floating umbrellas. These are the clues that we’ve been trying to piece together. Those of us, […] More

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    Impressive Cyberpunk 2077 Release

    Anticipating Cyberpunk 2077 Release If you’re anticipating the Cyberpunk 2077 release in 2020, this article is up your alley. This is going to be a massive, open-world game. With ray tracing that gives you better images at lower production costs, it allows the development team to make improved graphics, and even more levels, and ever […] More