My Little Pony Bishoujo Figurines by Kotobukiya

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Bishoujo Figures

Kotobukiya released a line of Bishoujo Figures based on the “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls” series. These are the ponies in their anthropomorphic form. We’ll be doing a review of two of the figures in this series, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie including all the details of each figure and its packaging.

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Twilight Sparkle in Bishoujo style human form


The box features an anime rendition of Twilight Sparkle by Shunya Yamashita, he is a talented illustrator whose work you can find on his Twitter page here. The front features a profile illustration, the right side has a full-body illustration alongside Twilight Sparkle in pony form, posed just as the figure will appear when unpackaged. The front casing has a purple rainbow with “Twilight Sparkle” emblazoned in large, pink lettering with the Kotobukiya logo in the upper left corner. When you open the package, every figure will come tape-sealed in plastic. Because Kotobukiya’s figures are highly detailed and intricate, sometimes coming with small parts, they always tightly seal their goods to ensure nothing breaks or falls away for quality’s sake.

Let’s move on to the figure itself. The entire figure comes in one piece altogether. With other Kotobukiya models you usually have to connect the figure to the base, but not this one. The base of the figure is decorated with pink and purple sparkles, the figure itself has polished shoes, possibly done with a lacquer of some sort for a glistening effect. The purple skirt and blue blouse have especially intricate detail, on the blouse, they molded fabric stitching on the buttons; keep in mind that the figure is 9″ altogether! Molded creases in the fabric are painted in darker shades for the effect of garment folds. The glasses and eyes have been painted very well, and overall, the whole body has been shaded to contour in its different places around the waist and bust line. The hair is colored purple and pink strands, just like the pony form. The individual clumps and strands are visible and have been molded into long flowing bands of hair.

Twilight Sparkle carries a book titled “The Elements of Harmony” in her left arm. Even on the book, you can see the individual pages! The level of detail which goes into the piece is superb. Kotobukiya has the highest quality in its merchandise and if you’re looking to collect, this is one fine display not to be missed!







Pinkie Pie in Bishoujo style human form


The box case for Pinkie Pie is the same configuration as the one for Twilight Sparkle. On the back, you have a front and back image of the anthropomorphic Pinkie Pie alongside her original pony form. On the side, you again have Yamashita’s anime rendition of Pinkie Pie. On the left side, there’s a cutout plastic screen of her favorite-cupcakes!

As is generally the case with Kotobukiya’s figures, this one has a detachable base. I don’t know why Twilight Sparkle’s base is solid and this one is detachable. The two parts are Pinkie Pie herself, and her base with the pony form. On the base, you have a smiling, ecstatic Pinkie Pie with a large flowing pink mane of hair. The base is decorated with balloons and cupcakes. Next to this is the acrylic resin stand on which you place the figure.

Let’s talk about the main figure, Pinkie Pie herself. Starting with the boots, again the attention to detail is stunning, they molded the creases and wrinkles in the boot and you can see the details for each individual shoelace; along with added color shading for effect! Kotobukiya, I tell you, doesn’t ever skimp on quality. Moving up from there, there are frills on her panties (yes, they added that too) the skirt/sash combo on her waist looks like actual fabric, though it isn’t. Pinkie Pie’s T-shirt comes with a logo of a big cupcake. Her face looks cute and energetic, exuding much of the energy of the original character in anthropomorphic form.

There is an amazing paint job done on the face. She has a long, flowing, pink mane of hair topped off with a kitten-ear headband and a pink bow. Altogether these are both fine collectibles, and I would love to own the whole series myself!


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